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Sword Fencing

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European Swordsmanship Foil–Epee–Sabre Swordsmanship, whether for sport or for combat. has been practiced for centuries. With the decline of dueling, fencing became popular as a sport because of the many rewards it gives its followers, both men and women. Fencing develops physical fitness, mental concentration, coordination, speed, and agility. For starters, fencing is one of the few sports that exercise all of the body's major muscle systems. Despite all the swordwaving you see in the movies, fencing works both the arms and legs. In fact, says Dr. Marius P. Valsimis, Chairman of the United States Fencing Association's Medical Commission, a 1975 study showed that amateir fencers had stronger legs than many professional athletes. Plus, says Dr. Valasimis, fencing is both aerobic and anaerobic.

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